ZELOS' Drainer | Drainer + Team Chat + Spreading Methods

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85-95% profit share. Drainer, Spreading Methods & Team Chat. 100 active members. Join the battle today and start making money!

ZELOS' Drainer | Drainer + Team Chat + Spreading Methods

🔑 Join ZELOS' Secret Society on Telegram: 🔑 🔗 https://t.me/+wbEAm6ordYM0MDA0

✉️ Send ZELOS a message on Telegram: ✉️ 🔗 https://t.me/ZELOS_1337

💵 Use ZELOS' Crypto Exchange: 💵 🔗 https://zelos.exchange/

JOIN ZELOS' DRAINER [Operation Titanomachy]

Become part of ZELOS' drainer group called "Operation Titanomachy" and make extraordinary amounts of money. Get access to one of the most profitable drainers on the market that generated $59 million in profits in 2023. Get access to the ZELOS' Academy, a portal containing spreading methods, setup tutorials, verified sellers, tools, your personal dashboard, and much more. Become part of the team chat and work together with other successful, professional, and respectful members.


If you earn more, you will receive an even larger share of the drained funds!

💵 Level 1: 85% $0 - $40,000 💵 Level 2: 90% $40,000 - $100,000 💵 Level 3: 95% $100,000 - $250,000


We offer you the best conditions on the market! Benefit from an incredible 85% profit share on tokens, 100% on NFT's, and 100% on ENS' via auto-split payment system while we cover the transaction fees for you. Get access to one of the most profitable drainers on the market that generated $59 million in profits in 2023. Never worry about new MetaMask updates. With us, you will always be provided with the latest fix or bypass immediately. Benefit from easy integration: Simply copy a few lines of code, paste it into your website's footer area, and you're ready to go!

⚙️ Blockaid Experimental bypass active and working on all chains!

⚙️ Top-Up System All transaction fees will be covered for you!

⚙️ Auto-Split System Profits immediately & automatically send to your wallet!

⚙️ Private Log Channel Private Telegram channel with your drainer logs!

⚙️ Supported chains: Ethereum, Bincane Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism, Base, Pulse, zkSync Era, Cronos, Gnosis and Blast.

💼 Supported Wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase, Binance Wallet and Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, QR code (+300 wallets)

🔑 For Tokens: Sign / Transfer / Approve / Permit / Permit2 / Uniswap Multicall / Pancake Multicall / Sushiswap / QuickSwap / Custom Contract

🔑 For NFT’s: Sign / Transfer / SetApprovalForAll / SeaPort 1.5 / Blur Private Exploit / X2Y2 Private Exploit


Get access to ZELOS' Academy. A portal where you have everything you need: spreading methods, landing pages, your dashboard with earnings, drained wallets, and global user leaderboards. Access to tools like our vanity scrapers and snipers. Landing page and drainer setup tutorials. A gigantic list of tested and selected sellers for Twitter and Google Ads, Discord and Telegram services, domains, hosting, VPS, SMS service, CC's, combos, SMTP's, and much, much more! If you haven't had success in other Drainer groups, you're guaranteed to have success with our online academy. We offer high-quality strategies and methods. We won't let you down! Your success is our success!

• 4x Spreading methods (3x more in progress) • Security guide • Landing page setup tutorial • 60 landing pages • Exchange • User dashboard with earnings • Member leaderboards • Drainer setup tutorial • Different modals & loaders • Private tools • Trusted sellers & providers for: Domain, hosting, VPS, SMS, Proxies, Cloaker, VCC, SMTP, SMM and much more • Website Cloning and setup service • Web designers • Graphic designers • Anti-Bot configuration settings • Cashout tutorial • Token cleaning service • Chrome & MetaMask red page tutorial • Paid traffic section with 40 providers


Join our team chat full of professional and respectful members, team leaders, and moderators. Enjoy a helpful and active community for whom no problem is too difficult and who is always by your side. Learn what teamwork and respect really mean. Together, we will achieve our goals!


ZELOS' Drainer Group is the only group operating on the market that offers you not only a drainer like all others, but an entire online portal full of knowledge. We have real and working spreading methods that are described into the smallest detail. We'll show you how to prevent your site from being flagged as a scam / phishing by Chrome or MetaMask. We show you how to install landing pages, how to anonymously convert your drained tokens into cash, or how to take care of your OPSEC. We offer you access to verified sellers and tools. We have our own web designers who will create landing pages or clone pages for you. We have a shared team chat where everyone respects each other. And above all, we offer the best conditions on the market. You start directly with 85% profit share on tokens, 100% on NFTs and 100% on ENS. You will receive your payout automatically and immediately! We have real leaders in our group who speak good English, are respected, have knowledge and sometimes crack a joke. Leaders who are always there for you like a big brother. Stop working for other drainer groups who only offer you a few scripts running on VPS and take a percentage of your hard earned money. Join our group and get real value. Endless knowledge and excellent support.




ZELOS' Drainer"

  • The internal group rules apply
  • Work hard and follow our instructions
  • Do not share or leak any content
  • Do not share our private conversations
  • Do not talk with other members about your earnings
  • Violation of the group rules will lead to a ban
  • Inactive members will be removed, but can join again on request
  • No refunds in any circumstances

Secret Society Access

  • The internal group rules apply
  • Violation of the group rules will lead to a ban without refund
  • No refunds in any circumstances


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